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What is the difference between a Business and a Personal account?

adminApril 18, 2023
Business accounts offer enhanced features such as like and comment visibility, hashtag filtering, the ability to display posts from public accounts, profile picture visibility, and collaboration post displays, all of which are not available with Personal accounts....

What is CheckMate?

adminMay 22, 2023
Product offers: Promote products and sales on the checkout page...

VIBE Pricing

adminApril 18, 2023
Currently, the Ultimate plan is our highest offering...

Product offer function on Checkout page editor

adminMay 22, 2023
In this article, you will discover how to add and customize the product offer on the checkout page using the CheckMate app...

Pricing plan

adminMay 22, 2023
Checkmate – Checkout Upsells app offers a variety of features and benefits to help businesses improve their checkout process...


adminMay 10, 2023
Our app is easy to use and offers a range of customization options to fit your brand and your needs....

OneTick Dashboard

MyNTTMarch 6, 2024
OneTick offers you:...

OneTick Analytics

MyNTTMarch 18, 2024
You can use this rate to understand if customers are interested in your upsell offers....

How to use VIBE Shoppable Instagram Feed on PageFly

adminSeptember 14, 2023
It offers pre-designed templates, responsive design, SEO optimization, and seamless integration with Shopify for easy page deployment....

How to create and set up Product Cross Sell?

adminAugust 28, 2023
How To Create A Product Cross-sells To begin with, we need to add rules for each Product Cross-sells offer by clicking […]...
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