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Checkmate – Checkout Upsells app offers a variety of features and benefits to help businesses improve their checkout process. In this article, we will discuss the Checkmate pricing plans and their associated benefits.

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Our CheckMate pricing plan provides a comprehensive package at an unbeatable value. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing plan:

Recurring ChargeClick to copy

For just $39 per month, you gain access to all the incredible features and functionalities of CheckMate. With the first $39, you can earn up to $500 in attributed sales.

Note: Attributed sales refer to the sales you earn through CheckMate.

Additional ChargesClick to copy

Once you exceed the $500 attributed sales, for every additional $200 in attributed sales, an extra charge of $5 will be applied. This ensures that your payment remains proportional to your business growth and the continued value you derive from CheckMate.

Total Cost Of Using CheckmateClick to copy

For each billing period, the total cost will be equal to a recurring base charge of $39, plus $5 for each additional $200 in attributed sales (applicable only after surpassing the initial $500 attributed sales). The final cost will be billed at the end of the billing period and restart on the next cycle.

To allow you to explore the capabilities of CheckMate fully, we offer a 14-day free trial period. During this trial, you can utilize all the features and functionalities without any financial commitment. Please note that any sales generated during the trial period will not be counted as attributed sales.

Maximum Capped AmountClick to copy

We understand that businesses have varying sales volumes, so we’ve implemented a maximum capped amount of $499. Once you reach this capped amount, you won’t incur any additional fees, enabling you to continue using CheckMate seamlessly. Our goal is to provide transparency and ensure that you can leverage the full potential of CheckMate without worrying about escalating costs.

How Are The Attributed Sales Calculated Sales In Different Currencies?Click to copy

At CheckMate, we use US dollars as the default currency to calculate our pricing. However, we understand that many stores use different currencies or sell with multiple currencies. That’s why we’ve implemented a seamless currency conversion system. All attributed sales will be automatically converted to US dollars using the latest exchange rates, which are updated daily. 

In the billing, you will always see the currency as US dollars. Meanwhile, the currency in the CheckMate analytics will reflect your default currency, making it easier for you to monitor your store’s performance on the checkout page with your preferred currency.

How CheckMate Billing WorkClick to copy

To learn more about how CheckMate billing work, please refer to our Billing article.

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