CheckMate Functions

CheckMate offers various functions that can be utilized to enhance your store’s checkout experience and increase the average order value.

Currently, CheckMate supports the Product Offers function, allowing you to present attractive offers to customers during the checkout process.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we continue to develop and introduce new functions to further enhance your checkout experience. We are constantly working on adding more features to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your store’s needs.

CheckMate function

How To Access CheckMate FunctionClick to copy

To access CheckMate Function, please follow these steps: Go to the CheckMate app > Functions.

Product OffersClick to copy

The Product offer function allows you to customize and display a list of sales and product offers on the checkout page. Click on the “Manage” button to access the settings for this function. For more detailed instructions on how to create and set up a product offer, refer to the “How to create and set up a product offer article.

Product Cross-sellsClick to copy

Product Cross Sells make it easy for you to show customers a list of related products when they add an item to their checkout/cart page. This helps encourage them to think about buying extra products that go well with their main choice. For more details about this function, you can visit How to create and set up a product cross-sell article.

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