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About EverFlow DashboardClick to copy

The EverFlow Dashboard is a central hub for monitoring and managing your subscriptions. You can access recent subscriptions plans, and stay informed about EverFlow’s latest updates.

Access The EverFlow DashboardClick to copy

After installing the EverFlow app, navigate to the app section in the left sidebar menu. Click on the dropdown menu to view your installed apps, then select EverFlow.

What Is On The EverFlow DashboardClick to copy

EverFlow App BlockClick to copy

This section provides a detailed view of installing the EverFlow app block. You can look at video instructions on how to add the EverFlow app block.

To install the EverFlow app block on your theme page, go to the theme editor, and click Add block > Apps > EverFlow. Please make sure to add the EverFlow app block inside your product section.

Recent Subscription PlansClick to copy

You can see the recently created subscription plans. Click on the plan to edit. You can also monitor the subscription plan’s status and latest updates.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Does EverFlow have chat support?

Yes, click on the chat bubble to begin personalized support with our team.

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