Getting started with EverFlow

What Is EverFlow?Click to copy

EverFlow is an application providing an end-to-end solution for merchants who want to run their subscription business on Shopify.

EverFlow FeaturesClick to copy

  • Subscription Features
  • Loyalty features
  • Bundle Features

Getting Started With EverFlowClick to copy

Step 1: Create Your First Subscription PlanClick to copy

Access Subscription plans page > hit “Create subscription plan” button to start your journey with EverFlow.

Step 2: Manage SubscriptionsClick to copy

Access the Subscriptions page to manage the customers’ subscriptions.

Step 3: Manage SettingsClick to copy

In the Settings page, you can manage subscription notifications.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I create multiple subscription plans?

Yes, you can create multiple subscription plans.

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