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Why my new Instagram posts not show on the storefront?

adminApril 18, 2023
There are some reasons your new post on Instagram not showing in the feed: 1...

Why my checkbox doesn’t show on my theme

MyNTTJanuary 17, 2024
There are four reasons why the checkbox might not show in your theme...

Why can’t I add the add-on products to cart

PhuongNT1April 12, 2024
How To Fix Issue Cannot Add Add-on Product To Cart?...

What will happen if I uninstall?

adminMay 22, 2023
How to uninstall CheckMate?...

What is the difference between a Business and a Personal account?

adminApril 18, 2023
Overview Business Account Personal Account Show posts and reels from your own Instagram account Yes Yes Filter post by hashtags Yes No S...

What is CheckMate?

adminMay 22, 2023

VIBE Pricing

adminApril 18, 2023
Number of feeds used to show posts from Public account hashtag...

VIBE frequently asked questions

adminMay 10, 2023
Here, we address common questions and concerns related to using VIBE, the app that seamlessly integrates Instagram feeds into your Shopify store, enabling you to showcase your products in a dynamic and interactive way while leveraging social proof...

Product offer function on Checkout page editor

adminMay 22, 2023
In this article, you will discover how to add and customize the product offer on the checkout page using the CheckMate app...

Pricing plan

adminMay 22, 2023
How Are The Attributed Sales Calculated Sales In Different Currencies?...
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