Why my tagged products don’t appear on my Instagram page

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In this article, you will learn what is the difference between VIBE Tagging Feature and Instagram Tagging Feature. This article will provide more insight into this issue so merchants can have a better understanding of the 2 tagging features provided by VIBE and Instagram.

In this article:

  • Why the tagged products on VIBE don’t appear on my Instagram pages?
  • More about VIBE’s Products Tagging
  • FAQs

Why My VIBE Tagged Products Don’t Appear On My Instagram Pages?Click to copy

Product Tagging on Instagram is solely controlled and governed by Instagram’s Policy, not Shopify’s.

  • The VIBE app makes it easy for you to link your Instagram and Facebook business accounts to your store to create Instagram feeds. However, Product tagging on Instagram is entirely managed and regulated by Instagram’s policies, not Shopify’s.
  • For more information regarding Instagram’s Product tagging policies, please visit the Instagram Shopping Tags Help Center

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  • VIBE allows you to tag products in photos, and reels within the Instagram feeds created in the app.
  • This feature makes it easier for your customers to shop on your website. It lets you create grids or slideshows of Instagram posts that are linked to your Instagram pages. Customers can click on items they like, see product details, and add the products to their cart right there.

tagged product don't appear

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How many Instagram accounts can I sync my posts/ reels from?

It is based on the plan that you are subscribing to. For example, if you are on a Lite or Pro plan, it will be 1 account and if you are on the Ultimate plan, it will be 2 accounts. For more information, please visit VIBE pricing.

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