Why my checkbox doesn’t show on my theme

There are four reasons why the checkbox might not show in your theme. Let’s explore these reasons and learn how to resolve them to ensure the OneTick Checkbox Upsell displays correctly in your store!

1. Checkbox Is Added Outside The Product Details SectionsClick to copy

Please note that all the checkboxes are functional only within the product details area, as they need to work with the add-to-cart button.

Why my checkbox doesn't show on my theme

2. Checkbox Is In Draft StatusClick to copy

If you’ve added a checkbox and see a notification indicating that the checkbox is in Draft status, it means the checkbox isn’t set to Active. Only checkboxes in Active status will display in your theme.

Why my checkbox doesn't show on my theme

To resolve this, go back to the checkbox editor and change the checkbox status to Active before adding it to your theme.

3. Checkbox Is Not Applied To The Preview ProductClick to copy

If the checkbox doesn’t appear in the theme editor, it means it hasn’t been set for the product you are currently viewing. Only the checkboxes that have been set for this trigger product will be displayed.

Why my checkbox doesn't show on my theme

To correct this, either change the preview product or apply the checkbox to the desired trigger product within the checkbox editor.

apply checkboxes for product

4. Checkbox Is Already In UseClick to copy

If you receive a notification that the “The app block is already in use”. This means it has been used in another OneTick Checkbox Upsell block within the same section, as each checkbox can only be applied once per section.

Why my checkbox doesn't show on my theme

To resolve this, remove 1 OneTick Checkbox Upsell block.

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