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Instagram Popups

adminApril 18, 2023
In the Instagram pop-ups settings, you can configure the ...

How to create a checkbox with OneTick Checkbox Upsell

MyNTTJanuary 16, 2024
Once you installed OneTick Checkbox Upsell app, it’s time to create your own checkbox...

How to change OneTick checkboxes order

MyNTTApril 12, 2024
Summary: This article will walk you through steps to quickly and easily adjust the order of OneTick checkboxes to improve how you display upsell options on your products...

Why can’t I add the add-on products to cart

PhuongNT1April 12, 2024
In Shopify home menu, go to App > Search and select app “OneTick Checkbox Upsell”...

OneTick Analytics

MyNTTMarch 18, 2024
These events are used to calculate the Added Upsell Rate and the Sold ...

OneTick Dashboard

MyNTTMarch 6, 2024
Click on the dropdown menu to view your installed apps, then select OneTick Checkbox Upsell...

Why my checkbox doesn’t show on my theme

MyNTTJanuary 17, 2024
Let’s explore these reasons and learn how to resolve them to ensure the OneTick Checkbox Upsell displays correctly in your store...

How to install OneTick Checkbox to your Shopify theme editor

MyNTTJanuary 16, 2024
Step 1: Enable “OneTick Checkbox Upsell” In Theme Editor After creating your checkbox, the ‘Install Checkboxes‘ modal will appear...

Getting Started With OneTick

DoNMJanuary 11, 2024
OneTick is a powerful app designed to help Shopify merchants increase average order value (AOV) and drive customer engagement through strategic upselling and cross-selling....

How to use VIBE Shoppable Instagram Feed on PageFly

adminSeptember 14, 2023
Step 3: In the Integrations popup page, you can search “VIBE Shoppable Instagram Feed” on the search bar...
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