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About TailorKit Template PageClick to copy

TailorKit’s Template Page allows users to select multiple images for each layer to create a template, which can then be combined with the product, thereby helping to diversify the product.

In this article, you can understand about:

  • Accessing TailorKit’s Template page
  • What is on TailorKit’s Template page?
  • Frequently asked questions

Accessing TailorKit Template PageClick to copy

On the TailorKit Dashboard, click on Template to access the Template page.

What Is On TailorKit’s Template Page?Click to copy

On the Template Page, you can:

  • View all templates you created with its name and last updated.

  • Edit the template by clicking to the template which you want to make changes.
    • Name: Once you click to the template and a pop-up, you can edit the template’s name by choosing the name and editing the template’s name.

  • Create template: You can create a Template by uploading a PSD File, from which layers will be automatically separated. Additional images can be uploaded when creating option sets. You can learn more at “How to use option set”.
    • Name: You can create the name of the template.

    • PSD File: You need to upload the PSD file for editing the layers.

    • Layer: After the PSD file is uploaded, it will separate each layer for you to edit and make changes.

    • Canvas: You can see the template will be shown with all layers.

    • Option set tab: It will show all images of each layer for you to choose the appropriate option for each layer.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. Can we delete the template created in order to create a new one?

Currently the option delete template is unavailable. In case you want to change to another template, you can click to the old template and upload another PSD File for creating another template.

2. How many PSD File can we upload in creating templates?

You can upload multiple PSD files to a single template in TailorKit. There’s no strict limit on the number of files you can add. When you upload a new PSD file to an existing template, it simply adds to your collection without replacing or affecting any previously uploaded files or their associated layers and options.

3. What happens when I upload a PSD file?

When you upload a PSD file to TailorKit, the system automatically separates it into individual layers. The number of layers detected depends on the structure of your original PSD file. This automatic separation allows you to work with each component of your design independently within the TailorKit interface.

4. Can I rearrange or hide layers after uploading?

Yes, TailorKit offers flexible layer management. You can rearrange layers by dragging and dropping them using the handle icon at the beginning of each layer. This changes their display order on the canvas, with top layers appearing in front of lower layers. Additionally, you can toggle the visibility of any layer by clicking its show/hide icon, giving you control over which elements are displayed on your canvas at any time.

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