How to create a checkbox with OneTick Checkbox Upsell

Once you installed OneTick Checkbox Upsell app, it’s time to create your own checkbox! In this article, we will guide you through all steps to create a checkbox on OneTick. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Access Checkboxes ListingClick to copy

From OneTick dashboard, click on “Checkboxes” on the left menu bar to access Checkboxes listing. You can see all created checkboxes here.

access checkboxes listing

Step 2: Click “Create Checkbox” ButtonClick to copy

After accessing Checkboxes listing, click on the “Create checkbox” button to start the journey with OneTick Checkbox Upsell.

create checkbox

Step 3: Named For The Checkbox And Choose The Status For ItClick to copy

At the top of the checkbox editor, you’ll find a “Name” placeholder and a “Status” dropdown menu.

Checkbox NameClick to copy

In Name placeholder, you can enter the name for the checkbox


  • The title will not show for your customers on the live page.
  • It is limited to 250 characters.

Name the checkbox

Checkbox StatusClick to copy

There are 2 status for the checkbox:

  • Active: the checkbox will be ready to be used on the live page immediately after creation
  • Draft: the checkbox will be saved as a draft and can be activated later

checkbox status

Step 4: Set Up “Upsell Details”Click to copy

Here, you’ll select the upsell products and decide which products the checkbox applies to.

Trigger productClick to copy

In “This checkbox will appear on”, you will need to choose between:

  • All products: apply the checkbox for all products

select Trigger product

  • Specific products: apply the checkbox for some selected products

If you choose Specific products, click on the search bar to select products you want for the checkbox to be applied.

Note: you can select multiple products for this option

Select add-on product

Add-on ProductClick to copy

Click on the “Select product” button to choose the product for upsell with OneTick Checkbox Upsell.


  • You can only select 1 product for this option.
  • On the product you have selected, you can only choose 1 variant of that product for the upsell

Select add-on product

Step 5: Add Content For The CheckboxClick to copy

Scroll down and you will see the “Display Content” block where you add adjust the content to show with the checkbox.

In Content, there are 3 options for displaying in the checkbox:

  • Tick checkbox by default: the checkbox will be automatically selected when your customers open the assigned products page
  • Show price: show the price of the add-on product
  • Show compare-at price: show the compare-at price of the add-on product
  • If Show price is not enabled the Show compare-at price will not display.

add checkbox content

Next, you can add the content for the checkbox by selecting the content type. There are 3 type of content for you to select:

  • Heading only

checkbox heading

  • Description only

checkbox description

  • Heading and description

checkbox heading and description

You can also add an image to your checkbox by clicking “Add featured image”. Ensure the image is clear, of high quality, and relevant to the upsell product.

add image in checkbox

Step 6: Check Preview And “Save” The CheckboxClick to copy

Finally, preview your checkbox on the right-hand side of the screen. Once satisfied with how it looks, click the “Save” button to save and copy the checkbox ID or copy embed code to use it in your live store.

save checkbox

Step 7: Set Up Styling For The CheckboxClick to copy

From the OneTick dashboard, you can visit Styling to set up style for the Checkbox.

In Styling, you can customize the box of the checkbox upsell with type and color. You can check this article for more information.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. What steps must I finish to make the checkbox work?

To make the checkbox work normal, the Checkbox title, Checkbox status and Upsell details must be filled.

2. What image formats can I upload in the checkbox?

You can use image with format .jpg, .jpeg, .webp and .png

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