How to install OneTick Checkbox to your Shopify theme editor

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In this article, you’ll learn how to install the OneTick checkbox into your Shopify Theme editor, enhancing your online store’s functionality.

Check the difference between a Shopify theme 2.0 and a vintage theme in this article.

The OneTick Checkbox Upsell app enables you to add customizable checkboxes to all sections of the ‘Product Details‘ type, such as ‘Featured Product’ or ‘Product Information’ section.

Note: OneTick checkbox only works with active products in your store.

How To Install OneTick Checkbox To Your Shopify Theme OS 2.0Click to copy

Step 1: Enable “OneTick Checkbox Upsell” In Theme EditorClick to copy

Ensure you’ve turned on “OneTick Checkbox Upsell” in your theme editor > App embeds for optimal functionality.

enable OneTick theme helper

Step 2: Copy The Checkbox IDClick to copy

There are 2 ways to get the checkbox ID

  • Option 1: Copy the checkbox ID in the Install checkbox widget modal

After creating your checkbox, the ‘Install Checkbox Widget‘ modal will appear. Click on the icon next to ‘Checkbox ID‘ to copy the ID for use in the theme editor.

Copy checkbox ID

If you’ve created the checkbox for later use, you can find the ‘Install Checkbox Widget‘ in the checkbox editor page. Simply look for the ‘Install Widget‘ button at the top right of the checkbox editor page, and click on it to open the widget.

open install widget modal

  • Option 2: Copy the checkbox ID in checkbox editor page

After you save the checkbox, go back to the checkbox editor page. At the top right, there is a ‘Copy ID‘ button. Click it to copy the ID.

copy checkbox ID in checkbox editor

Step 3: Open Theme EditorClick to copy

In the ‘Install Checkbox Widget‘, look for the ‘Go to Theme Editor‘ button and click it to open the editor.

You can also go to the theme editor a different way: Go to your Shopify admin, then choose ‘Online Store‘, then ‘Themes‘. Select your current theme and click ‘Customize’.

Step 4: Add OneTick Checkbox App Block To Your SectionClick to copy

In the theme editor where you want the checkbox, click ‘Add block‘ in the section. Then, under ‘App blocks‘, choose ‘OneTick Checkbox Upsell’.

Remember, you can only use OneTick checkbox in sections with product details, like ‘Featured Product’ (on pages other than product pages) or ‘Product Information’ (on product pages).

install OneTick checkbox upsell in theme online OS 2.0

Step 5: Add Checkbox ID On The BlockClick to copy

After you add the ‘OneTick Checkbox Upsell‘ block to the section, click on the block. This opens the block settings.

Next, paste the checkbox ID you copied into theCheckbox ID‘ field in these settings. Now, your checkbox is ready! Click the ‘Save‘ button to make the changes appear on your website.

Note: After adding, you can drag the checkbox block to any position of the product details section.

install OneTick checkbox upsell in theme online OS 2.0

How To Install OneTick Checkbox To Your Shopify Vintage ThemeClick to copy

Step 1: Copy The Widget CodeClick to copy

In the ‘Install Checkbox Widget,’ go to the ‘Vintage Themes and Page Builders’ tab. Here, you will see the widget code.

Click the ‘Copy Code‘ button to copy this code. You will need it in the theme editor.

install OneTick checkbox upsell in vintage theme

Step 2: Open Theme Code EditorClick to copy

To get to the theme code editor, go to the Shopify admin. Then, click ‘Online Store‘, then ‘Themes‘. Choose your current theme and click the 3 dots icon. Finally, select ‘Edit Code‘.

Step 3: Paste The Widget Code In The Theme CodeClick to copy

After opening the theme code editor, search for “product-template.liquid”. Next, paste the checkbox code before the code <button type=”submit” name=”add”…>

Note: This option is only compatible with the Debut vintage theme. If you are using a different vintage theme, please contact our support team for assistance with adding code to your theme.

install OneTick checkbox upsell in debut vintage theme

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