OneTick Checkbox Listing

About OneTick CheckboxesClick to copy

The OneTick Checkboxes is a central hub where you can create and manage all the checkboxes.

In this article, we will cover:

Access OneTick CheckboxesClick to copy

On the OneTick Dashboard, head to the Apps section > Choose the Checkboxes.

onetick checkboxes

Create CheckboxesClick to copy

You can create a new checkbox by clicking on the Create checkbox on the top right.

onetick checkboxes create checkboxes

For further details, please check out the How to create a checkbox with OneTick article.

List Of CheckboxesClick to copy

You can see a detailed list of all your existing checkboxes. This list typically displays:

  • Name: Easily identify each checkbox by its assigned name.
  • Status: Stay informed about the current status of your checkboxes.
  • Trigger products: Quickly see how many products each checkbox is associated with.
  • Last updated: Display last edited time.

onetick checkboxes listing

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I Edit An Existing Checkbox On OneTick?

Yes, you can typically edit most aspects of an existing checkbox, such as its  trigger products, add-on product, heading, description, image, type, and color.

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