How to change OneTick checkboxes order

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Summary: This article will walk you through steps to quickly and easily adjust the order of OneTick checkboxes to improve how you display upsell options on your products. The right order can make these options more appealing and boost customer interest in your products.

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Access OneTick Checkboxes Order

How To Change OneTick Checkboxes Order

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  • Number of Checkboxes Created: Ensure you have created at least two checkboxes in the OneTick app for your Shopify store.
  • Active Status: Verify that all checkboxes you wish to reorder are set to active status.

Access OneTick Checkboxes OrderClick to copy

To start setting the order of your OneTick checkboxes, go to the checkboxes listing in your OneTick app.

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Follow these steps to change the order of your OneTick checkboxes:

Step 1: Access Checkboxes ListingClick to copy

Go to the OneTick dashboard in your Shopify store and click on “Checkboxes” on the left menu to see all created checkboxes.

access checkboxes listing

Step 2: Open Checkboxes Order ManagementClick to copy

Click on the “Manage Checkboxes Order” button to start reordering your checkboxes.

manage onetick checkboxes order

Step 3: Choose Sorting OptionClick to copy

In the “Checkbox Default Order” window, use the “Sort Options” dropdown to select how you want to sort:

  • Last created (Oldest to Newest)
  • Last created (Newest to Oldest)
  • Add-on product price (Highest to Lowest)
  • Add-on product price (Lowest to Highest)
  • Manually

sorting option

Step 4: Manually Reorder (If “Manually” selected)Click to copy

  • Pick a checkbox to move. Place it at the top, bottom, or a specific position.

manually reorder

In case you select “Position”, enter a specific position number in the provided box to reorder your checkbox exactly where you want it among the list.

set position

  • Otherwise, you can drag and drop using your mouse for custom positioning.

Your checkboxes will now reflect the new order you’ve set. Double-check on a product page to ensure it’s updated.

Common CasesClick to copy

  • Promote Bestsellers: Shift best-selling add-ons to the top to increase their visibility.
  • Boost High-Margin Products: Prioritize high-profit add-ons to improve overall sales margins.
  • Feature Seasonal Offers: Arrange seasonal or limited-time add-ons at the top to capture timely interest.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I Reorder Checkboxes Anytime?Click to copy

Yes, you can change the order of checkboxes whenever you need, directly from the OneTick Checkbox listing in your Shopify store.

What If The New Order Doesn’t Show Up On The Product Page?Click to copy

If changes don’t appear, ensure you’ve saved the new order. Refreshing the product page or clearing your browser cache can also help.

How Do I Know Which Order Works Best?Click to copy

Experiment with different checkboxes orders and monitor sales trends or use built-in analytics to see which arrangement leads to better upsell performance.

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