Getting started with TailorKit

What Is TailorKit?Click to copy

TailorKit is a product personalization app designed to help POD merchants increase sales and customer engagement by:

  • Allowing users to customize images, and more in any design before integrating with specific products.
  • Generating print files and seamlessly connecting with fulfillment services.

TailorKit Main FeaturesClick to copy

  • Create Print Template For Product
  • Create Option Set
  • Integrate Template With Product
  • Check And Receive Orders

Getting Started With TailorKitClick to copy

Step 1: Download The TailorKit AppClick to copy

Find TailorKit on the Shopify App Store and install it in your store.

Step 2: Enable TailorKit App On Theme EditorClick to copy

Then, to install the TailorKit app block on an OS 2.0 theme page, go to the theme editor, click Add block > Apps > TailorKit.

Step 3: Create Your First TemplateClick to copy

From the app dashboard, go to Template > choose “Create template

Then, you can Upload PSD and adjust the layers of this file.

Please follow the detailed instructions on this article

Step 4: Create Image Option Set For Your LayersClick to copy

Please follow the detailed instructions on this article

Step 5: Save The TemplateClick to copy

When everything is done, click on the “Save” button to save the template.

Step 6: Integrating Template With ProductsClick to copy

After selecting the product from the app dashboard, click the “Add Template” button in the row displaying the product’s information to open the Print Area page.

Step 7: Publish The TemplateClick to copy

After saving, the “Publish” button will appear on the Print Area page. Click the “Publish” button to display the product with integrated templates on your storefront.

Step 8: Check And Receive OrdersClick to copy

From the TailorKit dashboard, go to “Orders”. Here you can review and manage all orders placed after customers have customized their desired products. Learn more about How to check and receive orders in this article.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. What are the pricing plans for TailorKit?

Currently, TailorKit is free for all users.

2. How can I check the order was created?

From the TaylorKit dashboard, you can go to the Order section to check.

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