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About TailorKit Dashboard PageClick to copy

This article will help you to understand more about the TailorKit Dashboard. The TailorKit dashboard looks like the image below.

Install TailorKit App Block To The Theme EditorClick to copy

In Dashboard, you will learn about the TailorKit app block and how to install it in the OS 2.0 Theme Editor.

TailorKit app provides you with app blocks which help you to customize the product. It can be only added inside the product section.

Step 1: Access Theme EditorClick to copy

In order to install the app block, click “Install App block“, it will direct to the Theme Editor.

Step 2: Add TailorKit App BlockClick to copy

From the Theme Editor, choose “Add block” and choose App Tab, then choose TailorKit.

You can also add, remove, and reorder TailorKit app blocks.

Recent TemplatesClick to copy

From Dashboard, you can see the 5 most recently edited or created templates from the Template page.

Learn more about “Template page”.

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