How to create print template in TailorKit

About TailorKit’s TemplateClick to copy

A template can be considered a pre-designed layout for your designs/ artworks to appear in consistency every time you customize your products.

In this article:

  • How to create a new template
  • How to create image option set for your layers
  • How to save your template
  • Template Listing

 How To Create A New TemplateClick to copy

Step 1: Creating A New TemplateClick to copy

From the app dashboard, go to Template > choose “Create From scratch” or “Create template

Step 2: Upload PSD Files.Click to copy

In the “Create template” page, choose “Upload PSD files”.

After you finish uploading your file, TailorKit’s system will automatically detect and split the PSD files into layers. You can scroll down the “Layers” column to see the full list of layers.

In each row of layers, you can:

  • Move the position of layers by using the “drag handle icon”. Once they move, the image displayed in the canvas will be changed accordingly.

  • Edit the name of each layer by clicking in the name area.

  • Hide/display a specific layer by clicking the “View icon”. Once they change, the image of this layer will be shown or disappear accordingly.

How To Create Image Option Set For Your LayersClick to copy

To create an Image option for your Option set, there are basic 5 steps you need to follow which are: Identify a desired layer, add an option set, customize the option set. review the image of the option set and add option set for other layers.

For more detailed instructions of each step, please refer to our manual of How to use option set.

How To Save Your TemplateClick to copy

Step 1: Click The “Save” ButtonClick to copy

In case you do not want to save the current template > click on the “Close” icon near the “Save” button to discard it.

Step 2: Name The Option SetClick to copy

After clicking the “Save” button > type the name of the template in the box

Please note that The TailorKit’s system will take several seconds to implement the save function. Once it is finished, the “Save” button in the “Save template” box will be activated.

When the “Save” button is activated, click it in the “Save template” box to complete the template saving.

Template ListingClick to copy

If you go to Template on the Dashboard you will see the whole list of created templates. The list of templates will be organized by the order of time (from newest to oldest).

You can click to open the template that they want to edit. (Once you open a template => the screen of create template will appear with your uploaded design and option sets)

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