Account settings for CheckMate

The Account page allows you to manage various settings related to your CheckMate subscription, Storefront API access token, data privacy, and app uninstallation.

To access Account Settings, please follow these steps: Go to the CheckMate appPreferences > Account.

Account StatusClick to copy

You can find information about your account, including the status of your Shopify account (active or deactivated), the current status of your CheckMate plan, and your current bill.

Shopify Account StatusClick to copy

This section displays the status of your Shopify account, indicating whether it is active or deactivated.

CheckMate PlanClick to copy

Here, you can view the current status of your CheckMate plan.

For more details about the CheckMate pricing plan, refer to the respective article.

Current BillClick to copy

To check your current charges, access the Current Bill feature. Click on the “View Billing” button on the right to access the Billing page and obtain complete information.

Storefront API Access TokenClick to copy

To ensure the proper functionality of CheckMate, we require access to your store through the Storefront API Access token in your Shopify settings.

If you encounter any issues with CheckMate functions or if the token is changed in your Shopify Settings, make sure to update the token accordingly. The process for obtaining the Storefront API token is detailed in the article provided.

Data PrivacyClick to copy

In the Data Privacy section, you have the ability to set up the cookies that CheckMate will use.

Click on the “Manage cookie” button to open the setting modal and configure your preferences.

App UninstallationClick to copy

In this section, you can choose to uninstall CheckMate and delete the app’s data.

Click on the “Uninstall CheckMate” button to open the uninstallation modal.

For more information on the installation flow and additional notes, please refer to the article mentioned.

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