CheckMate analytics

What Is CheckMate Analytics?Click to copy

CheckMate analytics provides you with the ability to monitor the performance of your sales activities and determine the sources of your sales, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

checkmate analytics

What Can Be Measured?Click to copy

CheckMate Analytics measures three key metrics: attributed sales, attributed orders, and sales metrics (offers, cross-sells, and volume upsells).

Attributed sales

Attributed sales refer to the quantified count of sales that have been directly generated as a result of customer interactions within the CheckMate app. This metric specifically tracks the transactions in which the CheckMate app played a crucial role in influencing the purchase decisions and subsequently driving the sales.

Attributed orders

Attributed orders are those that includes items added specifically via the CheckMate app. It means that these are orders in which customers have utilized the CheckMate app’s features to include products, and the system can trace the direct influence of the app in shaping those purchase choices.

Sales by offers

This metric indicates the revenue generated through the Product Offers function of CheckMate.

Sales by cross-sell

It represents the revenue generated through the Cross-sell function of CheckMate.

Sales by Volume upsells

This metric shows the revenue generated through the Volume upsells function of CheckMate.

FiltersClick to copy

You can filter your sales metrics by date and compare data using the compare functionality at the top of the Analytics page.

A Detailed ReportClick to copy

Attributed Sales And Attributed OrdersClick to copy

When you click on “view report,” you will see a detailed report in the form of a line chart for attributed sales and a table format for attributed orders.

Attributed sales Attributed orders


Print & Export Note: The daily export limit is 3 reports.

Sales By Offers, Cross-sell, Volume-upsellClick to copy

Sales by offers

Sales by cross-sell

Sales by volume-upsell

You can also print and export these reports. Again, the daily export limit is three reports.

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