How CheckMate Billing works

The Billing page allows you to manage your usage and monthly charges for CheckMate.

Please note that the subscription payment for CheckMate is processed through Shopify App charges and follows Shopify‘s official billing model.

CheckMate Trial


  • CheckMate offers a 14-day free trial, and the billing cycle starts only after the trial ends.
  • During the trial, additional sales are still counted, but the count resets when the trial ends.

There are three main categories on the Billing page:

Usage-based ChargeClick to copy

When you subscribe to the CheckMate paid plan, you will be charged on a monthly basis. CheckMate billing consists of two components:

  • Based charge: $39/ month (for the first $500 attributed sales).
  • Additional charge: $5 for each additional $200 attributed sales (applies only after exceeding the first $500 attributed sales).

This means that your billing will start at $39 initially. After the first $500 attributed sales, you will be charged $5 for every additional $200 in attributed sales earned through CheckMate.

The attributed sale amount resets for each billing cycle.

checkmate billing

Attributed Sale In The Current BillClick to copy

Total Running Recurring ChargeClick to copy

This section displays the total running recurring charge, which is calculated as follows:

Total running recurring charges = Based charges + $5 each additional $200 attributed sale

CheckMate offers a maximum capped amount of $499 (approximately $18,900 in attributed sales). Once you reach this maximum limit, you will not incur any extra charges, ensuring a seamless experience while using CheckMate.

  • If you exceed the capped amount, you will be charged a fixed fee of $499.

  • If you stay below the capped amount, your fee will be lower and will depend on the total amount of your sales.

Please note that all amounts mentioned are in US dollars.

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