How to use TailorKit option set

About TailorKit Option SetClick to copy

The option set feature allows users to customize each layer by selecting different images. This powerful tool enables users to personalize their products effectively.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating an image option set for layers.

RequirementsClick to copy

  • FSD File (Photoshop Document): It contains multiple layers, which allow for layers editing. Each layer can be edited independently, making it easier to work on complex images.
  • Images: You can choose different styles and formats for each layer which you want to make changes.

Creating Image Option Set For LayersClick to copy

Step 1: Choose A Specific LayerClick to copy

Identify the specific layer for which you want to create an image option set. An image option set allows you to replace the ordinary layer’s image with a variety of alternatives.

Step 2: Select Option ButtonClick to copy

In the row of the selected layer, click on the Option button and then select Image option set.

Note: From the beginning, every layer does not have any option set > the default state of the “Create option set” feature is “None”.

Step 3: In The “Image Option Set” Space:Click to copy

  • Name the Option Set: Input a name for the option set.

  • Users add file images after inputting the name.
  • The “Add files” button will be disabled unless users type completely the name for the option set.

  • Users can upload multiple file images at the same time.

Step 4: After Uploading File ImagesClick to copy

  • Once you have uploaded the images, they will appear in the “Option set” column.

  • You can add more files by clicking on the “Add more” button.

  • You can move the position of each image by using the Drag handle icon to organize the order of images displayed.

  • You can click in the name area to edit the image names.

  • You can delete specific uploaded images by clicking on the “Delete icon”.

  • The image displayed on the canvas for the layer is the first image in the option set.
  • Selecting different images in the “Option set” column will update the layer’s image on the canvas accordingly.

Step 5: Add “Option Set” For Other LayersClick to copy

  • Firstly, you need to close the “Create option set” page for the current layer by clicking on the “Close” icon.

  • After that, you can repeat the whole process from Step 1 to Step 5.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. How can we create layers?

When we upload the PSD File, it will identify all layers appearing in the file and automatically show under Layers Tab.

2. Do the image’s options automatically appear?

No, you need to upload manually.

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