Getting Started With OneTick

What Is OneTick?Click to copy

OneTick is a powerful app designed to help Shopify merchants increase average order value (AOV) and drive customer engagement through strategic upselling and cross-selling.

By adding customizable checkboxes directly to your product pages, collections, and even your homepage, you can seamlessly offer relevant add-ons and encourage customers to add more items to their cart before checkout.

In this article, we will cover:

OneTick Main FeaturesClick to copy

Add Multiple Checkboxes To The ProductClick to copy

With OneTick, you can create checkboxes for a single product to upsell and cross-sell. For example, you can offer various add-ons for each product, from shipping insurance, and gift wrapping to complementary accessories

Aside from that, you can easily add checkboxes to each product directly on the homepage, product pages, or collection pages.

This lets customers personalize their purchases and upgrade their carts, ultimately leading to higher average order value (AOV).

Customize Content Of The CheckboxClick to copy

You can personalize the content of your checkboxes with:

  • Heading
  • Description
  • Image

OneTick checkboxes

Customize Style For The CheckboxesClick to copy

You can also style the checkboxes to match your store’s design in Styling page:

  • Checkbox color
  • Checkbox type

OneTick checkbox styling

Display The Checkbox On Your Store With No CodeClick to copy

OneTick empowers you to place checkboxes anywhere in your theme using app blocks. Showcase them on product pages, collections, or homepage to capture customer interest at key touchpoints throughout their shopping journey.

Note: You can only use the OneTick checkbox in sections with product details, like ‘Featured Product’ (on pages other than product pages) or ‘Product Information’ (on product pages).

Track Your Offer PerformanceClick to copy

With OneTick’s built-in analytics, you gain valuable insights into the performance of your upsell and cross-selling offers. You can track revenue generated from each checkbox, allowing you to identify what’s working and refine your strategy for maximum impact.

Mobile Responsive InterfaceClick to copy

OneTick ensures a smooth experience across all devices, especially on mobile. Your checkboxes will adapt beautifully to any screen size.

onetick mobile optimize

Getting Started With OneTickClick to copy

Step 1: Download The OneTick AppClick to copy

Find OneTick on the Shopify App Store and install it in your store.

Step 2: Create Your First CheckboxClick to copy

Choose a product to create the checkbox. Select the product you want to promote and configure the checkbox settings.

Create checkbox

Step 3: Customize The Look And Feel Of The CheckboxClick to copy

In the Checkboxes editing page, scroll down to Display Content, you can adjust the content to show with the checkbox. You can choose to show Heading, Description or both content for the checkbox.

display content checkboxes

In the Checkboxes editing page, scroll down to Display Content, you can adjust the content to show with the checkbox. You can choose to show Heading, Description or both content for the checkbox.

upload image

Along with the Heading, Description and Image, there are 3 options for displaying in the checkbox:

  • Tick checkbox by default
  • Show price
  • Show compare-at price

show price

In the Style page, you can adjust your checkbox’s type and color scheme to match your brand identity.

Step 4: Enable “OneTick Checkbox Upsell” In Theme EditorClick to copy

Ensure you’ve turned on “OneTick Checkbox Upsell” in your theme editor > App embeds for optimal functionality.

Step 5: Add Checkbox ID On The Block.Click to copy

In the theme editor, click on the “Add block” button to install the checkbox app block to your section After that, all the active checkboxes will be displayed on the page. You can change the order of the checkboxes within the OneTick app.

add onetick in shopify theme

Step 6: Track Your ResultsClick to copy

Monitor the performance of your checkboxes using OneTick’s built-in analytics that connect with Google Analytics to see how they impact your sales and engagement.

onetick getting started analytics

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. Where Can I Display The Checkboxes On OneTick?

You can show checkboxes on product pages, collections, and even your homepage.

2. Can I Customize The Appearance Of The Checkboxes On OneTick?

Yes, you can customize the heading, description, image, shape, and colors to match your store design.

3. What Are The Pricing Plans For OneTick?

OneTick offers a free plan.

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