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About OneTick PreferencesClick to copy

The OneTick Preferences tab helps you fine-tune OneTick experiences while ensuring users’  data privacy compliance.

In this article, we will cover:

Access OneTick PreferencesClick to copy

On the OneTick Dashboard, head to the Apps section > Choose the Preferences.

onetick preferences

What Is On OneTick PreferencesClick to copy

AnalyticsClick to copy

Analytics feature lets you view your checkboxes’ performance and how OneTick can help you grow your business and increase sales.

You can enable OneTick analytics by selecting the checkbox and adjust the connection for it here:

onetick preferences analytics

For more information about this feature, please check How OneTick analytics works article.

OptimizationClick to copy

This cookie is used to understand how you interact with the app, allowing us to optimize and improve your overall experience.

onetick optimization

CookiesClick to copy

The Cookies tab provides options to manage which cookies type OneTick can utilize. There are three main cookie types:

  • Essential cookies: This option is enabled as default. It required logging in to the OneTick app from Shopify.
  • Functional cookies: Cookies used for features such as Chat  support.
  • Optimization cookies: Cookies used for UI optimization based on user behavior.

onetick preferences cookies

App UninstallationClick to copy

To ensure your data’s safety, we highly recommend uninstalling OneTick from this page instead of the Shopify admin.

For further details, check out What happens if you remove OneTick from your Shopify store.

onetick preferences uninstall

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I Control Which Cookies OneTick Uses?

Yes. The Preferences section provides you with options to enable or disable specific types of cookies.

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