How to create Instagram feed

In this article, you will learn how to create an Instagram feed step by step.

Step 1: Create a new feedClick to copy

From VIBE dashboard, click on Instagram feed > Add Instagram feed.

Step 2: Complete Instagram feed settingsClick to copy

2.1 Put a titleClick to copy

Name each feed and use different names for each to tell them apart as you may make more feeds.

2.2 Set a statusClick to copy

To use a feed right away, set its status as active. Otherwise, you need to set it as a draft to save the feed details.

  • Active: The user can choose the source of the feed for the app’s block and display the feed on store pages
  • Draft: The user can still select it as a source for the app block. However, the feed won’t be shown on store pages that rely on it.

vibe feed

Note: If you go over your pricing plan’s feed limit, you won’t be able to set feeds to active status.

2.3 Feed IDClick to copy

A feed ID will be generated when saving the feed. It will be required to install the feed on OS 2.0 themes.

vibe feed

2.4 Select the Post sourceClick to copy

You can choose an Instagram account to show on your feeds here.

Note: You can connect multiple Instagram accounts in Instagram connection Preference but can only select one to display.

If you have not set up Instagram connections yet, there is no available account for you to pick. You can click on the helptext below to set it up or go back to Preferences > Instagram connections > connect your accounts.

Once you finish setting the Instagram account(s), you are required to select an Instagram account from those you have connected before in Instagram connections.

2.5 Maximum Posts To UseClick to copy

The number of posts to use is set as 9 by default. The maximum number of posts you can use is 9 for the Lite plan, 50 for Pro plan and 150 for Ultimate plan.

2.6 Enable Dynamic feed for product pageClick to copy

This feature is only available on the Ultimate plan for product page.

This helps automatically filter out posts containing tagged products that correspond to the product page.

2.7 Auto-update recent postsClick to copy

When checked, posts from the Post source will automatically update on the live feed on the storefront according to the Schedule based on the subscription plan:

  • Lite: 24 hours
  • Pro: 06 hours
  • Ultimate: 02 hours

If the user wants to manually sync posts in the feed settings, they will need to click ‘Update data’ in the Instagram post.

When unchecked, posts from the Post source will not update on the live feed but will only follow the source at the time of clicking ‘Update data’.

Last but not least, click Update date > Save and the feed ID will be generated:

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