This article will help you to understand more about the VIBE Dashboard. The VIBE dashboard looks like the image below.

access VIBE dashboard

To get onboarded, we have a getting started tutorial which help you acquaint yourself with VIBE, you can view a brief video tutorial by clicking on the “Watch Now” button.

Setup GuideClick to copy

There is a quick guide including 4 steps that you can follow to have a complete feed.

  • Connect Instagram Account: Connect your accounts with VIBE to source your media/ posts.
  • Create your first feed: Once you have completed the brief tutorial, you can begin drafting your first feed.
  • Install VIBE Instagram feeds on your theme: you can enhance your store pages by installing VIBE Instagram feeds, which can help to attract and engage your audience with visually appealing content.
  • Customize Instagram popup: Control the content show on the popup

finish VIBE set up guide

Recent FeedsClick to copy

You can see the recent feeds you open along with the time they were last modified. Click on the titles to see those feeds.

check VIBE recent feeds

Support ResourcesClick to copy

VIBE support resources

SupportClick to copy

Click “Contact Support” if you want to get in touch directly with the VIBE Support Team. They can assist you in resolving any issues you may be experiencing with creating feeds.

Your submission will be sent to our support email (support@ecomate.co) and handled by our support team.

Help CenterClick to copy

You can find solutions to all your problems and find many useful documents and articles in the Help Center.

Video TutorialsClick to copy

Our extensive collection of video tutorials is designed to assist you in resolving any issues and making the most of VIBE.

Instagram PopupClick to copy

You have the ability to apply your own unique brand style to the Instagram pop-ups. By customizing the style of Instagram post details and product quick view, you can align them with your brand’s aesthetic and elevate the overall user experience.

Instagram popup

What’s New?Click to copy

You can see the latest VIBE version here with the corresponding time of release. Moreover, all the improved features are listed here. In addition, the problems that users often have which were fixed by the VIBE team are also indicated here.

Clicking the “View all” option enables users to access information on previous versions, including release time, changes, and resolved problems.

VIBE news

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