The Billing page allows you to view and manage your monthly plan and billing details.

Please note that your monthly subscription for VIBE Shoppable Instagram Feed is processed through Shopify App charges, in line with Shopify‘s official and supported billing methods.

There are 4 main categories here:

VIBE PlanClick to copy

You can see your current plan here:

To change the plan, click on the “Change plan” button on the right.

After clicking “Change plan”, you will be redirected to the pricing plan page, where you can view all available plans and select a new one.

You can read more about the Pricing plans and How to upgrade the plan in this article

The active feed usage shows the amount of feeds that you have been used. You can check this progress bar here to calculate how much feeds are left.

Plan CostClick to copy

You can view the cost of your current plan here, displayed for easy reference.

DiscountClick to copy

If you have a discount code from VIBE, use the “Apply coupon” button to claim it.

Total Running Recurring ChargeClick to copy

Here, you can view the total monthly charge for your subscription.

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